8: The Whores

It’s a wrap, y’all! This is the final episode of the Differences Show – or is it? Have a listen!  For our final episode we chat ON LOCATION from beautiful Orlando, Florida (so audio is, shall we say, iffy).

If you’d like to see pictures from the road trip you can see our Tumblr for that adventure.

Thanks to everyone who gave a listen and do get in touch by saying hello on our contact page.


5: No Better Explanation of a Commodity Report

Jp and Dave have a rousing course of Follow Up (“F/U”) that includes a TV omission from the prior episode, and then we dive into our talks about movies.  Whoo-boy, differences-a-plenty!

  • Teachers really are getting younger (one of many pages)
  • Many movies (too many to list – have a listen!)

(Note: we had a few minor audio issues midway through the show. Those are brief and totally inconsequential.)


1: You Kiss Your Mom with That Mouth?

Welcome to the first show.  We discuss the show’s intent so we can laugh at it later then dive headlong into a mostly non-explicit discussion about swearing.

Talking points: